Tips on how to succeed with your pizza

Pizza Sauce

When making your own pizza sauce make sure you buy whole tomatoes and crush them with your hands.

Do not use any kind of mixer because then the kernels make the sauce tart.

Cold fermentation

To make sure you get the best pizza dough you have to cold ferment it for at least 24 hours. We do this by placing the dough balls into a refrigerator.

No kneading necessary

To avoid having to knead your dough, we will mix all the ingredients together and then simply let it stay in room temperature for 12-18 hours. After that, we will divide the dough into balls.

Use a pizza steel, not a stone!

Earlier we used a pizza stone to bake our pizza. But in November we bought a steel from Gourmetstål here in Norrland and there is a BIG difference in result!

Perfect size dough balls for your oven at home

When making pizza at home, we find dough balls of 200 grams to be the perfect size.

Higher water percentage

We suggest using around 65 percent of water because when baking a pizza in a regular oven it will be sitting there a lot longer compared to if you were using a real wood fired oven.

By using a higher water percentage, your pizza won't be too dry.